Homemade Rice Cereal

Rice cereal is a stage one food that is recommended when starting your baby on solids. There are a variety of rice cereal brands on the market from Gerber, Purity, Beech Nut and Nestle but I prefer to make my own and I’ll show you how.

You’ll need
1. Brown rice (brown contains more nutrients than white rice but you can also use white rice if you do not have white rice)
2. A Dry Blender
3. Formula/ Breast milk
4. Water


Put your brown rice in the dry blender and blend until very smooth. (You can change the smoothness levels as your baby grows) That’s it. Your rice cereal is ready. You can store the cereal in an air-tight container in a cool, dry place.



To prepare porridge from the cereal, mix a portion of the dry cereal with water and boil until the mixture thickens. Add more water as and when needed. After it thickens, leave it on the fire at minimum heat for about 5 minutes to ensure the the rice is all well cooked cooked.


Add formula or breast milk and serve.


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