Watermelon Juice


This not baby related but I thought I’d share this recipe of one of my favorite juices. This doesn’t even qualify as a recipe because it is so easy to make.

Watermelons are one of those fruits that don’t really go out of season. There are times when they are harvested in abundance and become very cheap but you can find them all year round.

Drinking watermelon juice is like drinking designer water! It is refreshing, delicious and thirst quenching. It is made up of 90% water but still packed with Vitamins A, B6 and C. It is also very mild on the pocket. One big watermelon will get you 3-4 liters of juice.

Here’s what you need to make the juice: Watermelon
You’ll also need a blender and a mesh strainer or sieve.

Dice your watermelon  into a blender . Do not add water (here’s where the difference is made). To avoid adding water, use a wooden spoon or spatula to squeeze out some of the juice and fill out the spaces in the bottom of the blender (to allow easy blending).

Blend till it is smooth then strain out the chaff and seeds with your sieve. You can use the wooden spoon to squeeze out the juice faster.

Do this till you have blended and strained all your diced watermelon.

That’s it. Chill it, drink it and thank me later!
(If you got too much juice, keep some in the freezer to keep it fresh)

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