Hello and welcome! If you are here, it means you have either had enough of spending a fortune on bottled baby food or you don’t plan on spending a fortune on bottled, baby food. Either way, you and I have a lot in common.

Having a baby can be expensive! Yes! Very expensive, and you are likely to spend  so much money on diapers and baby food. I wish I could teach you to make your own diapers (trust me, if I could, I would) but unfortunately I can’t. What I can do however is to teach you to make your own baby food, and not just any baby food but Ghanaian baby food, with Ghanaian ingredients you can get at Makola or Agbogbloshie or even  that store at your junction. (you know, the one that has everything from chalk to suitcases)

My mother-in-law once told me about how important it is to give your baby exactly what you are eating from a very young age so that he/ she grows accustomed to the tastes of your household. That is very true! Once you start feeding your six month old babies raspberry purees and pumpkin soups and butternut squash, those are the tastes they will get used to, which means you will spend more money in buying bottled food because that’s all they seem to enjoy. On the other hand however, you will agree with me that we can’t share our light soup full of pepper and Kotodwe (cow feet) with our babies. That would be criminal!

So that is why we are here. I’d like to share some homemade baby food recipies that you and your babies will love. Your babies will be healthy and happy and you on the other hand can save up for some new shoes! 

Weaning your baby can be easy, cost-effective and fun. Discover a variety of healthy Ghanaian food options and recipes for your baby or toddler and wean on a budget!